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Being Harassed by Collectors? Call a Greenville Bankruptcy Attorney

As your debts begin to accumulate, you will notice creditors trying to contact you for collection purposes. Unfortunately, these phone calls are rarely a “once in a while” occurrence, and ruthless creditors may relentlessly pursue you to the point where you feel overwhelmed or even harassed. While creditors undoubtedly have the right to be repaid, they are restricted in the way that they can go about attempting to collect it. In fact, under state and federal law, individuals who owe money have rights as well.

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Your Rights Under the Law as a Debtor

Creditor harassment is a very real issue in the United States, and millions who are struggling with debt are forced to deal with it every year. Because they owe money, debtors may often assume that they do not have the right to speak up and take legal action against collectors. However, you do have this right, and it is important that, as soon as you begin to experience harassment, you stand up, assert your rights under the law, and immediately put an end to it. Our Greenville bankruptcy attorney is here to help you achieve this very goal in a timely and efficient manner.

It is unlawful for creditors to:

  • Call incessantly on your phone
  • Constantly harass and individual at their work- whether by phone or in-person
  • Call during the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night
  • Make threats or use obscene/derogatory language
  • Use violence or the threat of violence in their collection efforts

Helping You Put an End to Creditor Harassment Immediately!

At Boyd Law Office, our priority is to ensure that you are treated with respect and dignity, and that, together, we put an end to the creditor harassment that you are experiencing. Our Greenville bankruptcy lawyer has extensive experience in dealing with unruly creditors, and knows the proper legal steps to take that will get the harassment to cease.

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